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This page lists all the VSTemplates that are available here and their functionality.

Since vstemplates do not natively support biztalk, at this time, the biztalk projects are empty. Even if biztalk artifacts are packaged in the zip file and described in the vstemplate file, Visual Studio ignores them because it does not understand BTPROJ proj types or other project items relating to biztalk. In fact, in the vstemplate file the project type is set to CSharp to fool VS into thinking its a c# project. (VB variants can have VB set in the project type as well).

The other problem is that references between biztalk projects are not supported. If references are included in the vstemplate, when the project is created, they are marked with an icon and errors are shown during the build.

There is some work going on in the custom wizards area to use non vstemplate techniques to create these solutions, but vstemplates are provided here as they are an excellent starting point, very lightweight and can easily be supplemented witht the add-ins to tweak the solution structure.


1. Biztalk Simple Service (C#) : This vstemplate generates a biztalk solution with the following projects
(a) Class Library (named Core)
(b) Schemas - Empty Biztalk project
(c) Maps - empty biztalk project
(d) orchestrations - empty biztalk project
(e) pipelines - empty biztalk project
(f) tests - console application.

Pipeline Components are excluded because they are usually separate solutions (to avoid problems with the post build events that copy components to the biztalk pipelinecomponents folder and which fail if the components are being used in an active IDE instance).

The tests console application is intended to support NUnit/ MBUnit/ BizUnit etc but in the first version it is a simple console application. In the next version support for these testing frameworks will be added. Release_1 contains the first version of this template.

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