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This tool generates source trees to kick-start development. The tree structure is based on an XML file and is configurable. The sample XML file included with the tool follows the structure I have been using in the past. The screen shot below shows an outline of the structure.


The tree above is generated from the following XML descriptor.


Installation & Usage

  • Unzip the files to any folder (eg: C:\Program Files\SourceTreeGen)
  • Copy the .addin file to the path where add-ins are loaded (eg: C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\AddIns)
  • edit the addin and update the path to the SourceTreeBuilder.dll
  • launch Visual Studio
  • If the SourceTreeBuilder does not show up in the tools menu then check the Tools ->Add-IN manager and check the box next to the add-in name (the box should be titled StartUp).
  • Now click the SourceTreeBuilder menu item (in the Tools)
  • select the code name for the project and the root folder (doesnt have to be a code name, can be just the name of the root folder)
  • pick the config xml file that represents the tree template and hit Generate
  • The tree is generated at the given path

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