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Project Description

This project delivers some useful tools for the Biztalk dev community such as source tree generators, VS Templates and and an add-in to apply standard conventions to Biztalk solutions.

Tools Included

There are currently 3 tools available in this project
  • Source Tree Generator: An Add-In to generate source trees based on a configurable template
  • BizTalk Service VS Template: A multi-project Biztalk solution following the standard layout of a separate project per artifact type. This pre-dates the BizTalk Software Factory.
  • Apply Settings Add-In: This is a VS2005 Add-In that allows you to apply solution wide settings to an open solution such as namespaces, biztalk application name, strong name key etc.

Tools Description

For a description of the background behind the tools check out the following blog posts
The following pages on this WIKI describe the tools in some more detail

A note on the Biztalk Software Factory

The BizTalk Software Factory (which I am also involved with) is a GAT based tool that combines the two functions listed above (a multi-project solution and the "apply settings" functionality) into one step. It then goes beyond this to provide facilities for adding in custom pipeline components and unit tests for schemas, maps and orchestrations (all based on BizUnit).

The differences between these tools is that
(a) The namespace convention is a bit easier to manage with this add-in
(b) you can change the namespace, key file etc at any time during solution development (especially if you add in new projects) and the tool will re-apply the settings (It will change project names, but not folder names).

In the long term I will be looking to package the "Apply Settings" add-in as a guidance package that will be part of the BSF.

Latest News

  • 09-March-2009: : The Source Tree Generator has been added to this project.

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